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Introduction to Recruiting and Hiring

The Introduction to Recruiting and Hiring learning module begins with current trends in the recruiting world.  It then delivers a strong basis for how to determine needs, prepare for the recruiting process and discusses the best ways for recruiting talent to your firm.

Assessment, Interviewing and Selection

This module describes, in depth, different pre-employment assessments, how to decipher the analysis of these assessments, and how to conduct intelligent and effective interviewing.

Human Resources Risk Management for Your Firm

This web based training program will help you gain knowledge of Federal employment laws that have a significant impact on your business.  The content in this module is extremely beneficial to leaders who are running their business operation while assuming human resources responsibilities.  The chapters will cover:  compliance risk management, personnel file management, safe work environment essentials and an HR audit plan implement back on the job.

Performance Management Principles

This web based training module provides an introduction to performance management along with recommendations for implementing a program within your business.  The basics of performance management are covered along an overview of various processes, developing SMART goals for employees, and the steps for handling performance improvement.  A Resource Guide for managers is provided with key points for implementation.

Employee Retention

In this module, the manager will be able to define the cost of turnover and how it is impacting their business. This module comes with a tool kit providing the manager with tips and helpful documents for implementing a sound Employee Retention program.

Effective Coaching Techniques for Leaders

This web based training module provides an introduction to the elements of leadership and management, as well as leadership competencies and the impact of coaching on business relationships. Users will proceed through a coaching style inventory to discover their coaching style, and understand the leader’s role as a coach.  Finally, the user will understand how to create a feedback-receptive culture.


This program is for Cornerstone agencies only.

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