Original Air Date: Jun. 27, 2017

Webinar Summary

Understanding the latest trend in ERISA claims involving 401(k) plans and the plaintiffs’ bar’s search for new targets, including university 403(b) plans.

Defense contractors, technology companies, big pharma, healthcare, financial services  and now private universities… What do all of these diverse organizations have in common? They’ve all had to fend off ERISA class actions alleging that their defined contribution retirement plans paid excessive fees to service providers, costing these plan fiduciaries millions of dollars in legal expenses and exposure. And the onslaught shows no signs of slowing as the plaintiffs’ appetite expands from 401(k) plans to 403(b) plans, as evidenced by the recent wave of class actions filed against private universities.

Join Chubb’s Fiduciary Product Manager, Alison Martin, along with Deborah Davidson and Jeremy Blumenfeld, leading experts in this field who defend these claims on a daily basis as defense counsel at the law firm of Morgan Lewis & Bockius, for a presentation on what the suits are about, how they are faring in the courts, what kind of exposure they pose, and the risk factors to look out for in evaluating a plan as a potential target.


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In this program you will learn and gain:

  • An overview of the various fees paid by retirement plans, including recordkeeping fees, investment management fees, and revenue sharing, and which fees are susceptible to attack by the plaintiffs.
  • A simplified explanation of what is being alleged in these class actions and how the courts view the merits of these excessive fee claims.
  • An appreciation of the kind of monetary exposure generated by these claims and the role insurance has played in providing protection against these exposures.
  • Who has been targeted by the plaintiffs and who might be next on their radar.
  • Risk factors to look for in a plan in order to assess the likelihood of that plan becoming a target.


This program is designed for Chubb agents and brokers who deal with employee benefit plans and fiduciary liability exposures under ERISA.

This webinar is also appropriate for clients and Insureds who deal with or have concerns regarding this issue.


Alison Martin
Chubb Fiduciary Product Manager

Deborah Davidson and Jeremy Blumenfeld
Morgan Lewis & Bockius


Approximately one hour

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