Please check with your local Chubb office for CE offerings. Here are a few of the most frequently offered CE courses.

How to Avoid Blind Spots: An Insurance Ethics Workshop (3 hours)

This workshop develops strategies for building trust among insurance professionals and their clients by:

  • Heightening awareness of potential issues through discussions of work-based ethics vignettes using insurance-agency-specific case studies.
  • Developing skills in ethical reasoning to support thoughtful and defendable decisions about ethics issues.
  • Increasing participants’ professionalism and strengthening the role of ethics in productive business relations.

Liability Lawsuits and the Threat to Families with Emerging and Established Wealth (1 hour)

People of means frequently fail to realize that many aspects of their lifestyle can lead to a costly lawsuit. They also tend to underestimate the potential cost of a liability lawsuit and misunderstand the affordability of effective protection. This course explores the exposures of high net worth individuals and presents a five-step plan for reducing the risk posed by liability lawsuits and the importance of building a comprehensive program for liability protection.

Commercial Insurance Basics (6 to 24 hours – hours vary by state)

This one week seminar is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the basics of Commercial Property and Casualty Coverages: Commercial Property, Business Income and Extra Expense, Inland Marine, Crime, Commercial Liability and Umbrella, Businessowners, Business Auto, Workers Compensation, and Employers Liability insurance. The seminar discusses insuring agreements, definitions, conditions, limits, exclusions, and endorsements.

Personal Excess Coverage – Why Your Clients Need It (2 hours)

The attendee will gain an understanding of what Personal Excess Coverage is and why their clients should consider this coverage as part of their comprehensive personal insurance program. Producers will also gain knowledge of how to access the amount of Personal Excess Coverage their client may need. 

Product Recall (2 hours)

The objective is to educate brokers on product recall insurance and what the coverage is all about and why companies should consider buying it. The discussion will include an overview of the product recall marketplace, explaining the coverage in details (insuring agreement, insured event, key exclusions). The course material will walk them through the difference of product recall vs. product liability and Mfg E&O coverage. Questions will be answered as to why do recalls occur, how often they happen and what the financial impact can be (using real claims examples).

Fiduciary Exposures and Liability Exposures (1 hour)

This course explains employee benefit plans and applicable law including the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”). It also addresses the obligations and exposures of persons and entities dealing with employee benefit plans and explains the protections provided by Fiduciary Liability Insurance (“FLI”) and the distinctions between FLI and other coverages. Finally, the course demonstrates these exposures and coverages through the use of claim examples. The producer will better understand employee benefit plans, employee benefit law, fiduciary exposures and FLI. This will equip producers to effectively underwrite an FLI policy and service their customers who face potential fiduciary exposure in order to procure FLI to protect against these exposures.

Recreational Marine Insurance Coverage (2 hours)

When a producer is presented with a watercraft risk, unless he/she happens to be a boater or specializes in the Recreational Marine Insurance space, the agent is often unsure of how to best advise their client on coverage needs or to identify coverage gaps. Boats and/or yachts are very often a customer’s passion. Having the ability to speak the language, understand watercraft policies and provide advice based counseling can go a long way to assisting an agent to secure or solidify a long term relationship with their customer. This course is designed to help insurance professionals understand what coverage is provided, as well as typical terms and conditions found in a boat or yacht insurance policy.

Boiler and Machinery Insurance (1 hour)

The objective of this course is to provide knowledge of the Boiler & Machinery line of insurance which will enable the insurance producer to better identify, underwrite and recommend the proper coverages to address these types of exposures. The following topics are to be covered. • History of the line of insurance • Evolution of the product line. • Basics of Boiler and Machinery coverage • Policy language. • Boiler & Machinery perils • Boiler & Machinery policy types

Social Engineering Fraud Coverage (1 hour)

Producers will learn about and be able to define a new type of fraud called Social Engineering Fraud. Discussions will include an explanation of how the fraud is perpetrated, the coverage available for such fraud, and finally recommendations of some best practices to prevent losses from occurring in the future.

The Changing Nature of Personal Risk (1 hour)

This personal risk management seminar will review common personal risk exposures encountered by affluent members of our society and discuss means to effectively assess these exposures and thereby provide the proper insurance coverage to protect their personal assets. Producers will have a better understanding of the comprehensive coverage and services available to address the high valued exposures of the affluent and be able to counsel their affluent clients on providing the proper coverage for their high valued exposures.