CE course offerings are determined by individual branches and not available as on-demand webinars. Please contact your local Branch or Marketing Manager for additional information.

 Here are the top 5 CE courses held during the first quarter 2022:

  • The Storm and the Surge: Winds of Change for Liability Losses (2 hrs)
  • Management Liability for Privately Owned Businesses (2 hrs)
  • Emerging Technologies – Autonomous Everything & Silent Cyber (2 hrs)
  • Product Recall (2 hrs)
  • Miscellaneous Professional Liability Coverage (1 hr)


These are some comments made by agents who recently attended the CE course, Jewelry – Protecting Valuable Collections:

  • Excellent discussion of protection
  • Opened new prospects for me
  • Detailed information on theft coverages
  • I now have a much better understanding of jewelry coverage
  • Learned about insuring costly jewelry