Please check with your local Chubb office for CE offerings. Here are a few of the most frequently offered CE courses.

Workplace Violence Expenses Insurance – Understanding the Fundamentals (1 hour)

Attendees will have a greater understanding for recognizing and assessing the workplace violence exposures that their clients face in an unpredictable and constantly changing marketplace. We will share intelligence regarding active shooter’s profile and the evolution of mass shooting incidents in America. We will also discuss how workplace violence expense insurance coverage can respond, how to best prepare to respond and share a loss scenario.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance Coverage (1 hour)

This course discusses the growing risks associated with employment practices liability in today’s business environment. It covers an overview of the basic coverage issues and the potential exposures for employers. In addition, it will review what the typical underwriting process should include.

Emerging Technologies – Autonomous Everything & Silent Cyber (2 hours)

This workshop introduces the various levels of autonomous technology and demonstrates how this technology is utilized in various industries including personal auto, the trucking industry, robotics, mining and agricultural and drones applications. Hardware and new technologies that support autonomous technology are introduced including lidar, telematics, artificial intelligence, the edge and 5G networks. The physical and digital convergence is then explored when we ask the question “what happens when a cyber hack results in a physical loss”.

Wine – History, Markets and Protection (1 hour)

This course is designed to provide agents with the tools necessary to target potential clients for wine insurance and to provide them with basic protection measures for those client’s collections. The lecture includes a brief history of wine making, and hones in on investible wines which have the most value relative to insurance.

Life Science Industry – Specific Property and Business Income Considerations (2 hours)

The seminar will provide agents with a general understanding of the exposures, controls and insurance coverages available for life science companies. Knowledge gained will assist the insurance producer in understanding the industry’s unique loss exposures, insurance coverages and risk management practices.

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Coverage (1 hour)

Upon completion of this seminar, the agent will have a greater understanding for recognizing and assessing the kidnap and ransom exposures their privately-held clients face in an unpredictable and constantly changing marketplace. Corporate employees conducting business outside their own country expect to encounter language barriers, exotic customs and diverse negotiating styles. What they cannot predict is political upheaval and the increasing danger of abduction and extortion. This seminar will explain the vital elements of a corporate risk management program and the resources available to them to ensure the safety of their employees overseas.

Ocean Cargo Insurance (2 hours)

This course will educate the insurance producer on Ocean Cargo coverage and to how to properly insure shipments of goods in today’s global marketplace. The seminar will assist the insurance producer in the understanding of: the various methods of providing coverage to their customer, terms of sale and their effect on the shipper, typical Ocean Cargo policy language, common perils and loss control practices, claims handling procedures  and what types of information is needed to secure and manage coverage.

Insuring Teen Drivers (1 hour)

This workshop describes the risk factors that all new teen drivers are affected by. It will go through statistics showing the heightened severity of teen driving accidents and what factors contribute to it. It will then talk about ways in which parents and others can help teen drivers understand the risk and make sure that teens are best prepared for the road ahead.

Jewelry – Protecting Valuable Collections (1 hour)

The course will provide producers with a clear understanding of how jewelry is underwritten and priced, how best to help clients protect their jewelry and what factors impact value.

Boiler and Machinery (2 hours)

This seminar will provide knowledge of the Boiler and Machinery line of Insurance which will enable the insurance producer to better identify, underwrite and recommend the proper coverage to address these types of exposures. The following topics are to be covered:  history of the line of insurance, evolution of the product line, basis of Boiler and Machinery coverage, policy language, boiler and machinery perils, boiler and machinery accident examples and causes and boiler and machinery policy types.