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The Cornerstone Advantage

Use annual Cornerstone funds for in-agency programs that address your organization's training & development needs.

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Target Learning Needs

Browse for prospective program ideas by role or experience level using the Spectrum Learning Paths.

Spectrum Learning Paths

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Learn more about the simple steps you can take to start developing your staff with Agency Education.

Staff Development

Below are just a few examples of potential topics.


Consultative Sales Skills

In today’s competitive market, producers must create value and sell solutions designed around the needs of the buyer.  Provide the skills your organization needs to provide value, improve relationships, and close business.

Prospecting/Cold Calling

Prospecting and cold calling are the most universally disliked elements of selling.  Learn systematic approaches to manage prospecting efforts, turning cold calls to “warm”.


Examine the methods of networking used by sales and service professionals, discussing who, when, where, and how to effectively network.

Presentation Skills

Take time to focuses on communication and presentation skills, introducing specific techniques and practices.  Practice making presentations and receive specific personal feedback.

Building Customer Relationships

What are actionable approaches to advance business relationships? Take steps to transform business acquaintances into professional peers and, ultimately, respected advisors.

Customer Service

Outstanding Customer Service

Learn customer service techniques that can be used by all industry professionals. Understand corporate goals, develop an individual time management plan and incorporate customer service techniques daily workflows.

Telephone Etiquette

Learn what constitutes “bad” customer service versus “good” customer service via telephone and how easy it is to provide the latter.

Management Skills

Growth & Agency Planning

Create a strategy to help achieve growth goals, beginning with a thorough assessment of the agency and concluding with a fully executable blueprint for growth.

Recruiting & Hiring

Provide hiring managers with the tools necessary to recruit and hire agency staff, examining every step of the hiring process.


Learn to use coaching methods, tools, and skills more effectively, creatively, and strategically to produce high-quality innovative results within your organization.

Team Building

Teamwork is built upon true commitment, trust, collaboration, and competence.  Help your team go from ordinary to extraordinary, and emerge with a fresh sense of direction and practical strategies for working together better.

Business Skills

Influencing Others

Understand how individuals and teams influence others.

Team Communication

Learn about behavioral styles and apply this information to more effectively interact with colleagues, customers, and managers.

Email Etiquette

Equip your team with “email etiquette”! What are the pros and cons of email? Why to use certain features and how?


Insurance Coverage CE Courses

We have an extensive list of insurance coverage continuing education courses including:

ISO Commercial Auto & Garage Coverages
ISO Commercial Property Coverages
ISO Business Income Coverage
ISO Crime Coverage
ISO Commercial General Liability Coverage
ISO Homeowner Coverage
ISO Personal Auto Coverage
Executive Liability

…and more!

This is just a tiny sample of the CE programs we can offer. For additional information, click here.

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