Original Air Date: Feb. 11, 2020

Webinar Summary

Competition for talent in the insurance marketplace is ferocious and never-ending. If your message to qualified prospective employees isn’t simple and differentiated, why should they consider joining your organization? The winners of the talent brawl will have pristine messaging, a ‘different and better’ offer beyond compensation, and be ultra-confident in their positioning. How does your organization match up?

A hiring strategy that uses ‘Simplicity’ dynamics to streamline and empower your collective efforts will help cut through the white noise in the market and achieve the results your organization considers mission critical.


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This session will address how to:

  • Use ‘Simplicity’ and ‘Verbal Branding’ communication models as the basis from which to acquire talent.
  • Target basic human dynamics of motivation, memory, and attention to create superior results.
  • Develop a communications platform that creates extra layers of passive messaging.
  • Effect firm positioning and brand so they have direct impact on hiring.
  • Eliminate the elevator pitch mindset and applications forever.
  • Avoid commoditization and stand out from the competition.
  • Unify any number of people, driving operations and collective confidence.
  • Leverage the new talent framework for continuous improvement, firm wide.


This webinar is designed for Chubb appointed Agents and Brokers as well as Leadership and HR personnel.


Stephen Melanson is the President of Melanson Consulting, which was founded in 2004. He is a management consultant, trainer, speaker, Verbal Branding™ expert, and – as featured on Forbes.com – originator of the only ‘Differentiation and Business Simplicity’ platform of its kind worldwide. Mr. Melanson helps businesses grow faster, unify people, and simplify their strategy. He is a service provider and educational partner for small through Fortune 500 firms along with numerous associations and nonprofits.


Approximately one hour

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