Nordstrom did something right. They single-handedly redefined customer service in the retail sector. Now, companies in every industry aspire to be “the Nordstrom” of their industry. How do you compare? Are you “the Nordstrom” in your market? What would it be like to be the ruler by which everything else is measured?

Modern organizations can’t afford to provide mediocre, or poor, customer service. In the past, a dissatisfied customer would tell 10 friends or more. Today, they go onto Yelp!, Facebook, and other sites and tell the world.

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  • Redefine customer service in your organization
  • Differentiating your organization through service assurances
  • Customer service IS sales, it’s just a nicer way of saying it
  • Without customers, you would have no paycheck. Discuss.


Management professionals with direct reports, C-level leadership, operations/production staff and any department that interacts directly with customers.


1/2 Day or 1 Day

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