Learn what business etiquette experts along with top business executives recommend as the way to conduct yourself at work: with your boss, co-workers and clients or customers. This fun, interactive quiz-based program helps you learn the right way to handle difficult situations, while leaving a positive, professional impression with others.

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Attendees of this program will leave with:

  • A deeper understanding of the importance of being on time and how to use waiting time as a tool
  • Appreciation of how to be efficient with one’s own time and with others’ time
  • Knowledge about the appropriate time, place and manner in which to discuss business and discuss other business colleagues
  • Suggestions for utilizing the telephone and voice mail as effective business tools
  • Tips for using email to the best advantage and a knowledge of common traps to avoid
  • Confidence about how to behave when you’re entertaining clients and colleagues


Any agency personnel who interact with other people inside or outside the agency and want to make a positive, lasting impression.


1/2 Day

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