Original Air Date: August 30, 2022

Webinar Summary

Research proves that Cultural Intelligence (CI) enhances communication and performance when working with diverse audiences. A core value of Cultural Intelligence is compassion, which is empathy in action. This reflective and interactive webinar will model skills-based strategies for increasing compassion around action-oriented, culturally responsive behaviors in the workplace. Through the application of CITC’s research-based Cultural Intelligence model, leaders and individual contributors alike will learn how to engage empathy as a tool of compassion in their daily activities – and apply CI principals to demonstrate compassionate action across scenario-based examples.


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This series is designed for Chubb appointed Agents, Brokers, Management and Agency Staff. There will be a focus on individual impact and leadership at every level.


Dr. Renee Bhatti-Klug (she/her)
Founder, Culturally Intelligent Training & Consulting

Renee Ronika Bhatti-Klug is an innovative educational leader and researcher committed to the topics of developing Cultural Intelligence (CI), building people-centered curricula, and fostering inclusive environments. She has been educating students and training leaders from over 100 nations for twenty years. As a leader, Renee seeks to model the values of curiosity, empathy, and compassion, all through action-oriented and data-driven decision making.


1 hour

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