Original Air Date: November 5, 2020

Webinar Summary

You’ve got the basics of customer service down, and you do a good job for your clients. But what can you do to deepen the relationship, create a bond that will withstand those little “hiccups” that can occur in any interaction involving human beings, and prove to your clients that they are definitely with the right agency. Even more importantly, how do you go beyond “good” to “WOW” and prove they are being served by the right Client Services representative?

In this program, Sandy explores the small nuances that create a big impact in your relationships with clients. From first contact (and even before) to your last interaction, everything you say and do must be focused on one thing: making that client say WOW! Sandy will share stories and examples that demonstrate the importance of paying extra attention to the tiny details, finding out what really matters to your clients and delivering that to them, and adding special touches that surprise and delight them over and over, creating a bond of trust and respect that makes it impossible for anyone else to tear them away!


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This webinar is designed for Chubb appointed Agents and Brokers including all client facing agency personnel and service roles.


Sandy Geroux | Speaker/Trainer/Author, WOWplace International, LLC
A lifelong student of human motivation, Sandy always strives to create WOW experiences for everyone around her, and her programs focus on helping others do the same. She has learned much of what she knows about respect, humanity and leadership through working in the corporate environment for over 20 years, and then owning her own business and working with leaders at every level for over 19 more.


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