Original Air Date: Dec. 3, 2019

Webinar Summary

Liability claims against corporate directors and officers are an increasingly global phenomenon. A number of different factors are contributing to the globalization of D&O liability, including legislative changes, changes in regulatory enforcement activity, and the rise of litigation financing.

Join us for a panel discussion that may help you articulate the challenges faced by clients in this evolving environment as we review recent cases that reflect:

  • Global Regulatory Cooperation
  • Collective Redress Measures around the Globe
  • The Impact of Litigation Funding
  • Corporate and Individual Accountability
  • Multi Jurisdiction Litigation


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Chubb appointed agents and brokers who have publicly traded or private clients with subsidiary operations outside of the United States, or who would like to address client concerns in this space.


Kevin M. LaCroix
Author of the D&O Diary
Attorney & Executive Vice President, RT ProExec 

Perry S. Granof
Managing Director
Granof International Group LLC

David B. Williams
Vice President, Multinational Specialist
Chubb North America Financial Lines


Approximately one hour

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