Original Air Date: Aug. 16, 2016

Webinar Summary

While some seem to naturally possess the qualities Leadership Successof an effective leader, the reality is that most of us need to build these skills over time. Mistakes are a natural part of this development process and leaders of all levels can sabotage their success by losing focus and setting off a ‘leadership land mine’. These missteps are detrimental to a leader’s success, however many can be avoided or minimized with timely action.

In this session, several common ‘leadership land mines’ that can undermine leadership effectiveness will be explored. Participants will be provided with tools and strategies that can immediately be implemented to overcome mistakes and head off their negative impact.


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Participants in this session will learn specific processes for side-stepping ‘leadership land mines’ including:

  • How to identify several common mistakes leaders make.
  • Strategies to help avoid making critical mistakes.
  • Steps to rehabilitate trust and credibility following a leadership mistake.


This webinar is designed for present and future leaders of all levels within the Chubb agent and broker audience.


Kathy Ryan and Lisa Pomerantz have been on the front lines providing feedback and coaching individuals in order to support their efforts to become exceptional leaders for many years.  As founders of Pinnacle Leadership Institute, they use their extensive experience and knowledge to positively impact leaders on a grand scale.


Approximately one hour

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