Original Air Date: Feb. 25, 2016

Webinar Summary

High-performing teams leverage the diversity of their members’ varied experiences, training, leadership styles and background. This reduces groupthink and can lead to improved decision-making, increased brainstorming, more-innovative thinking and better problem-solving abilities. Yet many leaders are unskilled in the nuances of bringing out the best from their teams.


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In this webinar participants will:

  • Learn to consider the many aspects of diversity and how to structure teams with diversity in mind.
  • Understand how cultural and social norms influence team contribution and success.
  • Gain practical wisdom and tools to ensure all team members are fully engaged and contributing to their team’s success.


First-line supervisors, team leads, project managers and others who oversee teams or projects.


Lyria Charles and Dr. Annette Gibbs-Skervin are the founding partners at Disrupting IT and jointly conducted this webcast.  Their mission is to help organizations leverage their most valuable resource, which is people, to create business value.  They do this by instilling proven practices that builds trust, fosters collaboration, and taps into the brilliance of every team member.


Approximately one hour

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