Supervising and leading others is a critical skill set that can impact your future, your customers, your co-workers and your business in a profound way.  This extremely practical program equips you with the interpersonal supervisory skills you’ll need so that you bring out the best in every one that your lead – for their benefit and for the benefit of your organization.

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Attendees of this program will leave with:

  • Understanding of the importance of and tips for focusing on specific performance behaviors and commenting upon the impact of the behavior
  • Identification of how effective managers foster open communication with their direct reports/team members and learn guidelines for building trusting work relationships
  • Listening assessment and opportunity to practice active listening skills for better two-way communication
  • Methodology for delegating work and following up that is conducive to the delegatee’s communication or personality style
  • Knowledge of how to set goals and follow up
  • Knowledge of the five conflict resolutions strategies from the Thomas- Killman instrument
  • Understanding of the difference between developmental and corrective coaching and opportunity to practice steps for accomplishing both
  • Techniques for solving performance problems and resolving interpersonal conflict


Any agency personnel with supervisory responsibilities who want to bring out the best in their people


1 Day

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