Interpersonal relationships make a huge difference in a competitive environment. That’s where business etiquette comes in: far from stilted manners, etiquette brings ease to business encounters, helping develop trust and authentic connections with a boss, client or colleague, one on one or in groups, in any setting.

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Interpersonal Business skills: Polish your professional presence by focusing on effective, transparent interpersonal communication; understand how you project yourself and the impact of body language.

Business Finesse: Learn how to conduct yourself with poise in a variety of business scenarios, understand global challenges and cultural nuances; refine your ability to facilitate meetings effectively and handle social situations with confidence.

Dining Etiquette: (the ever popular section) Develop confidence in entertaining business clients and gracefully conducting dinner meetings. Table manners stand out as one of the single most important benchmarks of etiquette.

Attendees will learn to do things to make a positive, professional impression.


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