Original Air Date: Nov. 6, 2018

Webinar Summary

Slips, trips and falls are the leading cause of injury in public places. According to the National Safety Council, over 25,000 slip, trip and fall injuries occur each day in the US.  About 8 million people end up in the emergency room each year, as a result of a slip, trip and fall.  As a result, these injuries are the primary reason for emergency room visits and they represent the majority of medical costs. Join Chubb Risk Engineering to learn practical tips that will help prevent slip, trips and falls that will help protect your business assets and improve safety for the general public.

Note: This webinar is intended to provide a loss control perspective of the topic. Insurance coverage issues will not be covered during this webcast. If you have questions concerning coverage or insurability, please contact your insurance broker or underwriter.


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This presentation will focus on general liability loss prevention strategies by:

  • Highlighting typical slip, trip and fall risk factors including surface composition, foreign substances, visibility, surface conditions, surface changes, obstructions, unusual features, level changes, stairs, elevators, and escalators;
  • Providing practical suggestions for minimizing the potential for an injury for each risk factor;
  • Analyzing general liability claims examples in order to focus on lessons that can be learned from a prevention standpoint; and
  • Delivering the key components of an effective Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Program.


This webinar is designed for Chubb appointed Agents, Brokers, Clients and Risk Managers.


Eileen Magner, CSP
Risk Engineer | Chubb Risk Engineering Services

Andy Ackerson, MS, CSP, CIH, CFPS, ARM
Risk Specialist  | Chubb Risk Engineering Services


Approximately one hour

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