Original Air Date: Aug. 16, 2018

Webinar Summary

Before people could quantify data in any sort of meaningful way, we used stories to convey our ideas. And it’s still the best way to move people. When we want a client or potential client to make a buying decision, stories usually make the difference. But how do you tell a story that hits the target and makes the point?

Challenge & Solution: You know a good story will help you close the opportunity. But you’re not confident in your ability to follow through.

How do you put a good story together? How much detail should you share? How long should it be? If you tell the story right, you could close the sale. If you don’t, you could lose it. This program will help you choose effective stories and tell them confidently.


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After participating in this program, you will:

  • Choose stories that will impact the sales process
  • Identify the elements of an effective story
  • Map the plot of your story
  • Include the right amount of detail
  • Connect your story to a message that moves the sale forward
  • Tell your story effectively


This webinar is designed for all Chubb agents and brokers who are interested in leveraging the art of storytelling in their sales process.


Sean Romanoff is a Senior Consultant with Exec|Comm and consults with a wide variety of clients spanning insurance, professional services, technology, and banking & finance. He trains and coaches people to improve the way they present, sell, write for business, and influence others.


Approximately one hour

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