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2024 Cyber COPE Insurance Certification (CCIC) Program

Hybrid - In-Person & Virtual

Summary CCIC Overview: Hear from Faculty and Students The Cyber COPE Insurance Certification℠ (CCIC) provides Chubb brokers and agents with an understanding of industry best practices in cyber security risk management, governance and operations. In this program students will learn what high-performing advisors need to know in order to thrive in their roles, including how to interact with executive leadership of potential customers, how to provide analysis and support in effective cyber risk management, and...

Webinar | Create a Lasting Impression with Clients through the Art of Hosting and Dining Etiquette


Webinar Summary Showing professionalism and poise during mealtime demonstrates attention to detail and respect for the other person's time, money, and effort. It also represents an excellent opportunity to enhance one's image and credibility in the eyes of clients and business associates. In this session, Syndi Seid, a leading authority on international business protocol and social etiquette, will review the key points of dining etiquette and common pitfalls to avoid when participating in business meals....