This program provides a highly interactive and immediately actionable approach using The Relational Ladder® process for prioritizing, measuring and advancing your most impactful business relationships.

Producers will experience:

  • Increased sales velocity
  • Increased referrals from centers of influence
  • Better visibility into key relationships
  • Minimized forecast risk through better transparency into your producers’ relationship status
  • Opportunities to created more “lateral and vertical” relationships within key client accounts

Program Dates & Registration

Participants will Learn

  • A fool-proof, three-step approach for conducting impactful initial meetings
  • To connect the achievement of their sales goals to the prioritization, measurement and advancement of their most important business relationships
  • To internalize and apply the five-step Relational Ladder process to every business relationship
  • How their contacts’ Relational GPS’ — their goals, passions, and struggles— will help create business relationships that last
  • To develop action plans that allow for application of the learning to emerging business relationship


Producers and Sales Managers


1/2 or 1 Day

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