This program will help agents, brokers, and staff —no matter their experience or background – increase their understanding of how key business elements impact the bottom line. Participants will be able to more confidently evaluate the financial statements of prospects and clients, speak the universal language of decision makers, and cut through the complexity of how organizations make money.

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Introduction to Business Acumen

  • Case Study: Cash
  • Cash Discussion
  • Investors/Cash Commitment

The Universal Language of Business | 5 key business elements

  • Cash, Margin, Velocity, Growth & Customer

Every Business is the Same Inside
Demystify the key financial statements to evaluate a business

  • Case Study, Annual reports, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow
  • Navigating an Annual Report
  • External Factors


This program is for Chubb appointed agents and brokers who would like to better understand key business metrics, financial statements and what they can reveal about the performance of any business.



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