Original Air Date: Jun. 12, 2018

Webinar Summary

According to Michael Doyle and David Strauss in their book, How to Make Meetings Work, approximately 15,000,000 meetings are held each day in the United States and of those, 1/3 of them were deemed unnecessary by the people attending them.  Have you attended some of those meetings yourself?  What is your responsibility for ensuring those meetings are not a waste of time?  How can you help – even before the meeting begins – to guide the meeting to a productive outcome?  This interactive and strategic event shares a formula for success, regardless if you called the meeting or were beckoned to attend.

Participants of this event will leave with:

  • Recognition of the specific behaviors that result in an ineffective meeting
  • Deeper understanding of the various “roles” necessary for an effective meeting including leader, member, scribe, timekeeper and the responsibilities each needs to perform before, during, and after the meeting
  • Ideas for creating the appropriate documents to maximize meeting effectiveness
  • Strategy for using meetings to brainstorm and solve problems effectively
  • A three-step process for planning for, executing, and following up on meetings to ensure meeting productivity


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This webinar is designed for Chubb agents and brokers who are interested in actionable tips for running more effective meetings.


Patricia Pippert is president and founder of P2 Enterprises, providing high-quality training design, delivery, and coaching around topics in professional and management development. She blends her background as a stage and TV actress with 25+ years in business to design and deliver fun and dynamic training programs in order to help businesses achieve their productivity goals.


Approximately one hour

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