Original Air Date: July 30, 2019

Webinar Summary

Providing great customer experiences is imperative for any organization. It is of particular importance for those in a consultative service role. Your clients rely on you to not only WOW them with your products and services, but with your knowledge and attitudes toward protecting and serving them. Ultimately, building lasting relationships through competent product knowledge and effective communication are key factors for differentiating your organization.

In this webinar, Sandy helps agency associates master critical telephone and electronic communication skills that help them communicate effectively, approach every customer as a “blank slate”, listen for what’s being said (as well as what’s not being said), and proactively discover creative ways of providing exceptional experiences customers never forget!


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This webinar is designed for Chubb appointed Agents and Brokers including all client facing agency personnel and service roles.


Sandy Geroux | Speaker/Trainer/Author, WOWplace International, LLC

A lifelong student of human motivation, Sandy always strives to create WOW experiences for everyone around her, and her programs focus on helping others do the same. She has learned much of what she knows about respect, humanity and leadership through working in the corporate environment for over 20 years, and then owning her own business and working with leaders at every level for over 19 more.


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