Original Air Date: December 14, 2021

Webinar Summary

The application of ergonomic assessment tools within industrial settings may seem daunting and overwhelming but, it doesn’t have to be that way. Industrial ergonomic evaluations don’t always have to include complicated calculations and measurement tools.

This session will concentrate on reviewing practical approaches to ergonomic assessments while discussing techniques to streamline the assessment process.  A sampling of various material handling hazards and repetitive motion exposures will be reviewed along with practical, easy-to-implement solutions that may reduce the likelihood of injury and minimize exposures within production environments. Emphasis will be placed on addressing the design of the workplace pro-actively which includes determining conveyor height design, proper tool selection, use of adjustable worktables and lift/rotational tables. Long term employee comfort is essential to prevent the exposure of chronic musculoskeletal injuries and can be obtained through ergonomic design and intervention.

Note: This webinar is intended to provide a loss control perspective of the topic. Insurance coverage issues will not be covered during this webcast. If you have questions concerning coverage or insurability, please contact your insurance broker or underwriter.


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Tina Minter | Assistant Vice President, Chubb
Senior Workers Compensation Specialist, MS, CSP, ALCM, ARM, AOEE


1 hour

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