Brokers and other sales producers MUST have a “knock-out” approach to attracting more prospects and referrals otherwise they will fail. Simple as that! Most new insurance brokers are “knocked out” of the business. Why? They just don’t see enough people. When it comes to seeing more people, cold calling and direct mail are NOT the answers. Especially today! So what IS the answer? Networking!

Most brokers are not born networkers; they develop the skills and confidence through education, training, practice, and having a positive attitude. Whether you’re at a cocktail party, networking event, or other business function, it’s not who you know but who you want to know. Bottom line, networking is the most effective way to attract more prospects, more referrals, and more business to your practice!

In this program, you will learn the techniques and approaches to overcoming your networking fears, leveraging your natural market, effectively greeting people, handing out and asking for business cards, delivering an elevator speech, tactfully transitioning and ending conversations, engaging in business dialogue, identifying a target market, implementing a networking plan, and most importantly – creating key relationships.

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Producers, Account Managers and Account Executives interested in increasing their networking effectiveness.


1/2 Day or 1 Day

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