This program includes some of the corporate culture building and errors and omissions prevention material from Errors and Omissions Prevention Through The Human Voice and covers a wide range of errors and omissions prevention techniques for large P&C agencies that transcends a discussion of policies and procedures. This material focus on the larger institutional forces and personnel issues that can create E&O claims and debunks some common misconceptions about the origins of E&O claims. In addition to suggested improvements to the agency operations, market selection and wholesale relationships, the material briefly discusses errors and omissions coverage problems for agencies, how the policies are interpreted, defending claims in litigation, and the factors relevant to underwriting  agencies.

This program offers a slightly unconventional errors and omissions prevention program focusing on litigation inducing or avoidance behaviors and decision- making that affects the likelihood of occurrence of any errors and omissions claim. Attendees also understand what types of activities are covered, how E&O policies respond and case studies.

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All P&C producers, CSR’s and owners


1/2 Day

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