This is a unique and innovative errors and omissions prevention program built upon a framework of six interrelated modules:

  • Agency hiring and retention
  • Agency infrastructure
  • Record keeping and IT management
  • Client and market selection
  • Continuing education and training
  • Auditing/ contract management

Attendees are introduced to the “Human Voice” which is a collective term to describe the use of humor, candor and aesthetics in the agency workplace and as corporate culture building tools. The material promotes an errors and omission program that goes beyond policies and procedures which do not assist in prevention but only in mitigation. The attendees will learn and how the incorporation of humor, aesthetics and candor operates as a means by which agencies may distinguish themselves in the marketplace while strengthening relationships with companies, wholesalers and customers. The material seeks to demonstrate that a myriad of small choices and day-to-day behaviors or “misbehaviors” impact the likelihood of an E&O claim. Identifying the weaknesses within the organization coupled with improvement in the corporate “voice” will reduce the risk of E&O and help insure long term profitability.

Agency personnel learn that errors and omissions prevention goes well beyond forms, policies and procedures. The material seeks to teach agents and agency managers to look beyond the four corners of a policy manual and see the broader institutional behaviors or “misbehaviors” that pose a risk to the agency. The material teaches how to make practical improvements that reduce the likelihood of E&O and thus loss of business. Attendees will learn the importance of market and client selection, employee retention and development, and will see real-world case studies.

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P&C Agents, CSR’s, agency managers and owners of any experience level


1/2 Day

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