At the heart of every good sale is a buyer that feels great about their decision. Satisfied buyers become repeat customers, create more referrals for you, and in the growing (shrinking) world of social media, more and better Tweets, “Likes” and Yelps! When your buyers feel good about the sales process, they feel good about your company.

Participants will develop a thorough understanding of the Needs Analysis process during prospecting and in support of client retention, in order to build new and deepen existing client relationships.

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  • Sales or account management…how to tell the difference and what to do to up the ante.
  • Why scripts aren’t evil, and how to plan an effective sales call complete with a list of great questions to use if you get stuck.
  • Steps to take once you’ve developed the need…following up with solutions.
  • Don’t let your competition sell YOUR clients something your clients didn’t know your company could do for them!


New and experienced Sales, Sales Management and Account Management professionals


1 or 2 Days

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