Agency & broker executives must be prepared to lead their organizations through rapidly changing environments while endeavoring to achieve desired outcomes for themselves and their teams.

I-WiL participants will partner with thought leaders to define and refine their leadership styles, and equip themselves to meet today’s ever changing business demands.

Women will leave this program with an enhanced understanding of and a pathway towards leading with vision purpose and positive impact.

Program Dates & Registration


  1. Create an individual senior leadership template that aligns my leadership style with my personal values and self-image
  2. Develop the essential skills that will allow me to lead my business to outstanding results, lead organizational change, and create an environment that inspires and focuses on desired outcomes
  3. Develop leadership thinking ability and skills for my current and future roles
  4. Build self-awareness and understand my impact on others
  5. Develop the resilience to cope with setbacks with a positive mindset
  6. Learn lessons of the past and apply them to present day women’s leadership and business challenges
  7. Maintain focus and awareness while challenging myself both mentally and physically


  • Executive Presence
  • Leading Cultural Change
  • Leader Resilience
  • StrengthsFinder & Principles of Strengths Based Leadership

Are you…

  • A female leader within your organization?
  • Ready to take your Chubb business to the next level?
  • Committed to your own personal development?


2.5 Days

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