The workforce and markets are shifting and agency & broker executives can rise to meet new challenges by understanding strengths, influencing talent to excel, and inspiring positive change within organizational structures.

IWiL participants will be introduced to leadership models that can produce more motivated, efficient, and satisfied team members; and navigate a pathway to leading with vision, purpose, and positive impact.

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Participant Testimonials

If you are ready to expand upon some common tools and themes, meet people with similar experiences & be challenged physically and mentally, this is the conference for you.

IWil 2019 Participant

I've attended various leadership programs, but this one can be beneficial even for team members who aren't in leadership positions.

IWil 2019 Participant

If you are a woman and want to learn to be a better, more effective leader in a safe environment, this is for you.

IWiL 2021 Participant

It’s a transformative experience and has the ability to change your perception and advance your leadership skills exponentially when you invest and apply the concepts.

IWiL 2021 Particpant

This program gave me the recharge I needed. The camaraderie between all of the women in our group was unbelievable.

IWil 2019 Participant

Great personal development and opportunity to reflect as well as chance to hear from many other impressive women while connecting and collaborating with other women in the business. Highly recommend!!

IWiL 2022 Participant

Very empowering, humbling, inspiring and self-reflective.

IWil 2019 Participant

Great investment. Really helpful to reflect on your strengths and your own leadership.

IWil 2019 Participant

It’s a lot of excellent information in a short amount of time, but the format makes it digestible and not overwhelming. It’s a positive and encouraging environment.

IWiL 2022 Participant


  1. Create an individual senior leadership template that aligns my leadership style with my personal values and self-image
  2. Develop the essential skills that will allow me to lead my business to outstanding results, lead organizational change, and create an environment that inspires and focuses on desired outcomes
  3. Develop leadership thinking ability and skills for my current and future roles
  4. Build self-awareness and understand my impact on others
  5. Develop the resilience to cope with setbacks with a positive mindset
  6. Learn lessons of the past and apply them to present day women’s leadership and business challenges
  7. Maintain focus and awareness while challenging myself both mentally and physically


  • Executive Presence
  • Leading Cultural Change
  • Leader Resilience
  • StrengthsFinder & Principles of Strengths Based Leadership

Are you…

  • A female leader within your organization?
  • Ready to take your Chubb business to the next level?
  • Committed to your own personal development?


2.5 Days

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