Original Air Date: Feb. 11, 2016

Webinar Summary

As manager in today’s insurance industry, you are well aware that the business environment is becoming more and more complex and fast-paced. To continue to succeed in this increasingly turbulent environment, you need to become more “agile” in all your leadership activities. That is, you need to quickly assess and even anticipate changing conditions, then make changes and improvements to meet these conditions.

In this webinar, Bill Joiner will show you what leadership agility looks like in action, and what it feels like from the inside-out. Drawing on practical examples from three decades of research and consulting, he will help you envision how you can act with increased agility as you initiate organizational improvements, lead your direct reports, and engage in pivotal business conversations. You will also learn how to use a tool called the “Leadership Agility Compass,” which can enhance all of your leadership activities.


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Bill Joiner is president of ChangeWise, a consulting firm that partners with senior leaders to create high performing teams, design and implement organizational changes, and transform leadership culture.


Approximately one hour

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