Original Air Date: Apr. 21, 2015

Webinar Summary

Perhaps the #1 mistake that many sales professionals make is failure to actually ask for the business. An otherwise perfect sales process is often marred by a reluctance to “close” the sale. Some salespeople don’t want to seem pushy, others believe their product or service speaks for itself, and many assume that prospects know they want the business, so why put them in an uncomfortable position by actually asking.

If you’ve done a good job of uncovering needs and providing value and potential solutions, then you’ve earned the right to ask for the business. “Closing” seems adversarial to us – we prefer to think of it has how you get paid in sales. Join us for this webinar – don’t let precious income slip through your fingers.


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  • Quit working for free!
  • Are you ready? Have you earned the right to ask for the sale?
  • Closing v. partnership…don’t pit yourself against your prospect.
  • Testing the waters…tactics to assess where you stand.
  • Psychology of “closing”…what are you afraid of?
  • The fallacy of “closing” techniques.
  • Simple is best.


Dr. Cynthia McGovern
Founder, First Lady of Sales
Orange Leaf Consulting


Approximately one hour

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