What if you could deliver your message with poise and conviction from anywhere, anytime, even across great distances?

Virtual presentation skills are an adaptation of the skills required to present in face-to-face situations. This interactive Presenting with Impact virtual workshop will help professionals of all levels gain awareness of how they come across to in-person and remote audiences, as well as successfully manage executive presence, maintain interaction, and make appropriate stylistic choices. Calm, confident, and credible presenters adapt to their environment and form an immediate and lasting impression with their audience.

This course will focus on the soft skills required to present effectively for different environments and will not review specific platforms or address technical considerations for virtual presentation in depth.

Program Dates & Registration


Participants in this course will receive instruction and customized feedback across a variety of skills, including:

  • Awareness of vocal quality and body language
  • Focusing on the needs of listeners
  • Projecting a polished, genuine manner
  • Speaking fluently and gesturing naturally
  • Connecting with the audience and keeping them engaged
  • Organizing content quickly and effectively
  • Using compelling visual aids to guide a presentation
  • Composing your frame and camera angle
  • Answering questions clearly, concisely, and confidently


Chubb Agents, Brokers, Producers, Business Development, and Sales Management professionals who wish to improve their presentation skills. While this program will be conducted virtually and will cover virtual presentation skills, it will include many concepts that can be applied to a variety of professional presentation situations.

Program Structure

Two Short Video Assignments, Two 2-hour Virtual Sessions, and Individual Coaching


Online / Virtual Class


3-4 weeks depending on coaching session scheduling – Expected commitment of 1-3 hours per week inclusive of virtual sessions, self-paced activities, and coaching.


Exec|Comm consults with a wide variety of clients spanning insurance, professional services, technology, and banking & finance. He trains and coaches people to improve the way they present, sell, write for business, and influence others.

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