Nothing in sales is as glorious as landing that big fish. The prospect that everyone said you would not and could not ever get. Confidence, experience and pure luck can each play a critical role in whether or not a salesperson will be successful in pursuing top prospects. However, so do resilience, relentlessness, and plan-fullness…the things that often get overlooked.

This workshop will guide participants through a thoughtful planning process, arming them with real life tools and processes, to get them focused on the highest return prospects in their territories. Stop spending time on low return activity, and make every minute count!

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  • How much is your time worth?
  • Creating your Bullseye and your Blueprint – tools to help you succeed.
  • Creative strategies for getting attention.
  • Improve your “call back” ratios with clear, concise and compelling scripts that grab your prospects attention.


Sales and sales management professionals, regardless of experience.


1/2 or 1 Day

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