The internal transition of ownership from one generation to another is a process, not an event. This process may occur over a number of years through the periodic sale of equity between internal buyer(s) and seller(s). To be successful, ownership perpetuation requires careful thought, discussion and planning between all parties to ensure needs are addressed and financial plans are achievable. Additionally, successful perpetuation plans require periodic reviews and modifications as circumstances change.

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In this seminar, topical material will address the four key inextricably linked components to successful perpetuation plans referred to as “PACT”:

  • People – qualified leaders in sales and management who will take the business forward
  • Agency value – a realistic expectation of the value of the firm by current and prospective owners
  • Capital – a strong balance sheet with sufficient working capital and tangible net worth
  • Time – to plan and implement each of the above

In addition, the seminar will include financial models to demonstrate the process and to illustrate the impact of utilizing the appropriate pricing mechanisms for internal transfers of ownership.


Agency leadership teams


1 Day

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