Original Air Date: Feb. 4, 2015

Webinar Summary

The ability to prepare and conduct business conversations with your clients and prospects is critical to your on-going business relationship. We call these conversation “targeted” because they require the ability to prepare to understand the goals and struggles that a client may be experiencing and then to conduct your interactions in a way that continues to advance your credibility with the account.


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Participants will:

  • Learn about “targeted conversations” and why this approach will distinguish you with clients
  • Plan for a targeted conversation by developing credibility advancing questions for the interaction
  • Apply a proven, 3-step process called ROC® that makes targeted conversations easy to conduct
  • Practice by developing a draft targeted conversation for your next client/prospect meeting
  • How targeted conversations will provoke lasting thought during your sales conversations with clients and prospects


Professionals who want to learn how to prepare and conduct sales and business conversations that align with the role/function of your client/prospect. This webinar is offered free of charge to Chubb agents and brokers.


Ed Wallace,
Chief Relationship Officer
The Relational Capital Group


Approximately one hour

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