Whether or not the words “customer service” appear in your official job title, we are all customer service representatives for agencies.  There is no telling who may be on the other end of the phone when we answer.  This fun and educational program helps participants put themselves in the caller’s shoes to identify what constitutes “bad” customer service versus “good” customer service and how easy it is to provide the latter.

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Attendees of this program will leave with:

  • Specific examples of “good” customer service behaviors and “bad” customer service behaviors and why they are viewed that way
  • Nine telephone standards that customers most often request when calling an organization with a question or a problem
  • A formula for asking questions of the caller that helps both parties get what they want and need
  • A method to solve the problems of the caller as well as how to deal with and relate to the “irate” customer
  • Tips for utilizing voice mail as the tool it was intended to be – whether leaving a message on someone else’s voice mail or creating an outgoing voice mail message


This program will benefit agency personnel who want to assess their telephone skills from a customer service perspective to ensure they’re providing the best possible customer service experience.


2 Hours

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