Young adults entering the professional world of insurance are sometimes surprised at the expectations of their managers, peers and customers.  It’s a world away from experiences in college and internships.  We’ve identified a number of topics that can help equip your agency’s young professionals for successful career starts.

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This highly interactive program equips the newest entrants in the workforce with valuable information and activities in five modules over two days:

  • Understanding Your Communication Style
    What makes people act as they do? Why does one person focus on facts while another focuses on broad impressions? Attendees will complete a self-assessment of their communications style and develop an understanding of other communication styles.
  • Effective Networking
    Insurance is a relationship business. Everyone knows that whether you are a new producer, account exec or CSR, you need to develop a strong network of allies to get your job done well. During this module, attendees will discover some methods for expanding their networks. They will also practice specific skills on “how to work a room” without overreaching.
  • Professionalism in the Workplace; Effective E-Writing and Business Etiquette
    Effective communication is one of the keys to success in every business. Our dependence on e-communications sometimes leads to misunderstandings. During this module, attendees will learn how to get messages across clearly, convey the right tone, recognize e-mail risks, make the best use of their time by managing email better, and create emails with a professional image. This course includes evaluation of actual emails from the sent and received files of attendees. (Prework will be assigned the week before the training.) Attendees will also learn best practices for Business Behaviors today, including phone etiquette, dining manners, cubicle manners and appropriate business attire.
  • Presentation Skills
    Many of the newest entrants into the workforce have limited experience making formal presentations. Whether speaking at a community event or presenting a proposal to a client group, there are particular skills needed to do this well. During this module, attendees will learn the best practices for effective presentations and apply the principles directly to an actual presentation.
  • Generations in the Workplace
    There is a wide variety of ages represented in today’s workforce and in customer groups. What are some of the factors that influence how they work? What are some factors that influence how and what they buy? During this module we will explore the historical and sociological factors that influence each generation and suggest strategies for effectively working with each.


This program is recommended for newest employees in the agency who are relatively new to the workforce and may be new to the insurance industry.




1.5 Days

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