Original Air Date: Jun. 16, 2015

Webinar Summary

An educational webcast presented by Loss Control Services for Chubb agents/brokers and select clients. A shooting, bombing, arson, aggravated assault… violence related to the workplace can unexpectedly occur in many forms. What should be done to protect people during the impact phase – while the incident is occurring? In the aftermath, are there field-tested methods to address the needs and concerns of impacted people?

This presentation will provide take-and-use preparedness considerations and response guidelines should your organization be the next to experience the unthinkable. Sequential methods will be provided from emergency response during the incident, and immediate aftermath considerations, to addressing the aftermath issues over the next few days.

People who have been emotionally traumatized, whether at the scene or those who closely identify with the incident, have strong expectations of management. Questions will arise about prevention measures that “should have been” taken. Impacted parties will expect that you and your organization are fully prepared to respond effectively in the aftermath. Blame will emerge, whether your organization did anything wrong, or not.


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This presentation will provide concrete guidelines for:

  • Responding appropriately during and immediately after a violent incident that has broad ripple effects
  • Identifying and effectively addressing the needs and concerns of all impacted stakeholders
  • Protecting the reputation of your organization while accelerating return to a new normal


Clients, Risk Managers, Agents & Brokers


Bruce Blythe is the owner and chairman of Crisis Management International, Crisis Care Network and Behavioral Medical Interventions.


Approximately one hour

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