Original Air Date: May 23, 2017

Webinar Summary

An educational webcast presented by Risk Engineering for Chubb agents/brokers and select clients. Safety professionals are routinely tasked with inspecting facilities and conducting evaluations of safe work practices. Boilers, water heaters and pressure vessels do represent that hazard when they are being worked on. Additionally, they represent a routine hazard to ALL employees on a daily basis due to the amount of stored energy present.

Employees cannot have a safe work place in the presence of boilers or pressure vessels that are not being properly operated or maintained. This session will provide the Safety Professional with the knowledge needed to be able to identify basic hazards associated with boilers and pressure vessels.

Note: This webinar is intended to provide a loss control perspective of the topic. Insurance coverage issues will not be covered during this webcast. If you have questions concerning coverage or insurability, please contact your insurance broker or underwriter.


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Join us to learn more about:

  • Safety & health hazards associated with boilers, water heaters and pressure vessels found in most every occupancy.
  • Requirements for routine tests and inspections that are necessary to ensure safe operation of boilers and pressure vessels, therefore preventing explosions, accidents and injuries.
  • Basic inspection points for determining if boilers and pressure vessels are being properly operated and maintained during plant walk through inspections.


This webinar is designed for Agents, Brokers, Clients and Risk Managers.


Craig A. Bierl, Vice President, ARM, AIS, AINS
Equipment Breakdown & Energy Executive Field Specialist, Risk Engineering Services


One hour

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