Most everyone in sales knows that growth by referral is the lowest cost way to acquire new customers. And most agree that referrals are both quicker and easier to close, and they make great customers! But did you know that working by referral is simply more fun? Whether fun or productive, working by referral is undoubtedly the greatest return on activity a salesperson can invest in.

Participants will develop referral target lists, explore the concept of a referral network, and develop a Blueprint for a 90 day execution on what they learned in the session.

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  • Creating your referral network.
  • Why, how and when to ask for a referral.
  • Turning referrals into revenue.
  • They said no. Ask for a referral? Are you kidding?


Sales and sales management professionals; Account Managers and Operations/Production employees


1/2 Day or 1 Day (For full day combine with Just Ask, a great compliment to Referrals Rock!)

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